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Our Facilities

We have recently upgraded our facility, and now have all our product under roof. This allows us to have a consistent product year round.

What we do

We start by sourcing excess manure from farms. This is then composted using a highly sophisticated, aerated composting process.
This effectively kills any pathogens, or weed seeds that may be in the manure. Product is further stabilized during a curing process.
Finally, product is screened to 5/8 inch making it fine, and easy to work with.

Benefits of Compost

There are many benefits to using compost for mulch.
  • Naturally dark colour, no dye added
  • Surpresses weeds and retains moisture
  • As a composted manure based product, it has a high nutrient level of natural fertilizer
  • As the mulch breaks down, it adds nutrients to the soil
  • Applied 2-3 inches thick, will add nutrients,
    loosen clay soil, add organic matter, and help control erosion.